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Know more about Iontophoresis treatment

Having excessive hands or feet sweating is quite annoying not only for the person with this issue but also for the people around them. People with hyperhidrosis syndrome or sweating hands or feet suffer psychologically and physiologically more. They become socially awkward in meeting with people, handshaking with them, even holding their loved one's hands. It is an awful feeling when you will feel helpless to do anything about it cure it completely. Iontophoresis treatment has become one of the most effective and safest treatments for curing hyperhidrosis.

There are many kinds of treatments available for curing your sweating hands or feet. You can take medicines, pills, creams or ETS to get rid of your sweaty hands and feet. But these might not be as effective curing it for good. Some of it might have harmful side effects. The choice of your treatment depends on your severity of the condition. If you want a permanent solution to get rid of your sweaty hands or feet, iontophoresis can be a great solution for you. In iontophoresis treatment you basically send electric charge or ions to your body through water to extract the liquid from the body and give a durable result blocking sweat glands of your feet and hands. Mostly water tap is used in iontophoresis treatment, but if the situation is too severe, the under the expert’s observation and certification different drugs are used in iontophoresis treatment.

Unlike other treatments, you don’t need to go through any surgery or uncomfortable feeling through the treatment procedure. You don’t even feel any pain while the electric charge goes through your skin and body. It gives you a bit tingly feeling, that’s all. The duration of iontophoresis treatment depends mostly on how many sessions you need for getting results and also on your budget. The costing of the session is a bit higher. Each session lasts fifteen to twenty minutes according to the condition of yours. You can take these sessions regularly or a day after two or three. You can cut the number of sessions and continue it to go for once in three weeks to keep your hands and feet completely dry. You can buy or make your own iontophoresis machine too. Iontophoresis treatment is suitable for everyone. It gives an easy and quick effective result for most of the people. It is a fifty-year-old technique, yet many people don’t know much about it, are afraid to go for this treatment. Budget is also an issue too. But rather than spending money on multiple treatment months after months, I would suggest you try these iontophoresis treatment sessions. You will see the result yourself with only three or four sessions for sure.

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